Build SML Dialogs

   Download File:  smlforms.dtd

areacalc.sml: The ""Area Unit Conversion"" window accepts numeric input (an input area), uses option menus to allow the user to select input and output area units, and computes an output value. areacalc.sml
badid.xml badid.xml
boxcar2.sml: Script shows steps needed to create a sample application with a dialog window incorporating a view of geospatial data. boxcar2.sml
dlgtempl.xml dlgtempl.xml
flowpath.xml flowpath.xml
flowpatherrs.xml flowpatherrs.xml
helloXML1.sml helloXML1.sml
helloXML2.sml helloXML2.sml
language.xml language.xml
nmcolor.xml nmcolor.xml
pansharpcomp.sml: Sample script that illustrates the use of a complex custom dialog window constructed using an XML dialog specification. The script computes a pan-sharpened color-composite image from three bands of a multispectral image and a higher-resolution panchromatic image. pansharpcomp.sml
TechGuideBuild SML Dialogs Using XML
PipelinePanSharp.sml: Sample script that illustrates 1) the use of a custom dialog window constructed using an XML dialog specification and 2) assembly of an Image Pipeline using options set from the dialog.

The script computes a pan-sharpened color-composite image from three low-resolution bands of a multispectral image (must match each other in dimensions and extents) and a higher-resolution panchromatic image.
procpts.xml procpts.xml
radiogroup.sml: Creates sample dialog with radiogroup of three buttons using an XML dialog specification. radiogroup.sml
sample.xml sample.xml
selcomp.xml selcomp.xml
tigerop.xml tigerop.xml
tigrds.xml tigrds.xml
VectorCombinationsDlg.sml: Vector Combinations example with dialog. VectorCombinationsDlg.sml
view-rgb.sml: Modified version of VIEW.SML to open and display RGB raster. view-rgb.sml
xmldlg.sml: Sample script that creates a test dialog named ""This is a test"" from an dialog specification in an external XML file ""test.xml"". The dialog has several tabbed panels with examples of various available controls. xmldlg.sml

Building Dialogs in SML    Documentation:  SMLdlg.htm

bonjour1.sml: Illustrates the use of callbacks for dialog controls. bonjour1.sml
bonjour2.sml: Illustrates the use of dialog control callbacks in a script tag in the dialog specification. bonjour2.sml
drawdlg.sml: Creates and opens a dialog window and uses a drawing area. drawdlg.sml
gendlg.sml: Stub script to open demonstration dialogs generated from specifications in XML files. gendlg.sml
getdata.sml: Illustrates different available methods for reading values from a dialog. getdata.sml
view.sml: Creates and opens a standard View window and displays a selected raster. view.sml
widget1.sml: Creates and opens a simple dialog window using Motif Widget classes. widget1.sml
widget2.sml: Example of setting up a dialog window with different types of widgets. widget2.sml

View Window

3D View: Opens a 3D View< View3d.sml
Adjust gamma of raster: Uses a standard display window to show side by side views of the original raster and results of modifications. gamma.sml
Raster cell value to user defined ranges: Uses a standard display window to show side by side view of the original raster and results of modifications. multrang.sml
View Window: Shows side by side view to show before and after versions of raster. stddisp.sml

Writing Scripts with SML

Devegetated: Subdues the expression of vegetation and enhances the expression of underlying rock and soil in a multispectral satellite image. Requires near-infrared and red bands. DEVEG.sml

XML Errors

XMLerrs1.sml: XML Errors XMLerrs1.sml
XMLerrs2.sml XMLerrs2.sml
XMLerrs3.sml XMLerrs3.sml