Building Dialogs in SML

You can use the TNT's geospatial scripting language (SML) to write many types of custom programs that operate on the geospatial data objects in your TNTgis Project Files.

If you are writing a script for a onetime processing operation, the processing parameters and names of input and output objects and files can be written explicitly into the script. But any script you plan to reuse or provide to others should include interactive dialogs to let the user select objects and enter program parameters.

navigate.jpgDialogs fom XML Text

navigate.jpgModal and Modeless Dialogs

navigate.jpgUsing an XML Dialog Specification

navigate.jpgCreating and opening the Dialog Window

navigate.jpgTrapping XML Errors

navigate.jpgSpecifying Callbacks for Dialog Buttons

navigate.jpgGetting Values from the Dialog

navigate.jpgChanging Control Settings in Callbacks

navigate.jpgCreating a View in a Dialog Window

View this Getting Started booklet: precfarm.pdf Building Dialogs in SML (file date: )