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<?xml version="1.0"?>
	<dialog id="flowpath" Title="Flow Path and Buffer Zone">
			<page Name="Controls">
				<pane orient="horizizontal">
					<pushbutton Name="Save" Icon="FILE_SAVE" ToolTip="Save Output Layers..."/>
					<pushbutton Name="Remove" Icon="CONTROL_SUBTRACT_CYAN" ToolTip="Remove Output Layers"/>
					<pushbutton Name="Number of Seedpoints..."/>
				<pane Orientation="vertical">
					<togglebutton id="btnSnap" Name="Move Seed Point to Flow Path"	Selected="false"/>
					<togglebutton id="btnFlow" Name="Compute Flow Path" 				Selected="true"/>
					<togglebutton id="btnBasin"	Name="Compute Upstream Basin" 		Selected="true"/>
					<togglebutton id="btnBuffer" Name="Compute Buffer Zone" 			Selected="false"/>
				<pane Orientation="horizontal">
					<label>Buffer Distance: </label>
					<editnumber id="buffDist" Width="5" Default="100" Precision="0" MinVal="0"/> 
			<page Name="Colors" Orientation="vertical">
				<pane Orientation="horizontal">
					<colorbutton id="fcolor"/>
					<label>  Flow path color</label>
				<pane Orientation="horizontal">
					<colorbutton id="bacolor"/>
					<label>  Basin color</label>
				<pane Orientation="horizontal">
					<colorbutton id="bucolor"/>
					<label>  Buffer zone color</label>
				<pane Orientation="horizontal">
					<colorbutton id="bocolor"/>
					<label>  Extents box color</label>