Macro & Tool Scripts


GPS_Macroscript.sml: Macro will import GPS or any point data from a comma delimited text file that has 6 standard fields. GPS_Macroscript.sml
printsep.sml: The Print Separation macro produces color  separations (TIFF files) for printing image layers.  The image layers in the layout must be grayscale; overlays are restricted to specified colors. printsep.sml
TechGuideMaking Color Separations for Printing
TechGuideMaking Color Separates for Printing
Snapshot.sml: Saves a snapshot of the View. Snapshot.sml
TechGuideLaunch Programs with TNTmips Data
ZOOMTO.SML: User chooses scale from menu to zoom View. ZOOMTO.SML
TechGuideZoom to Specified Map Scale


compar.sml: Color Map Toolscript to compare colors and manipulate color map in 8-bit raster object. compar.sml
elemsel.sml: Tool to allow selection of the nearest vector point or line or the enclosing polygon. elemsel.sml
FlightPlan.sml: Tool script for laying out a set of parallel flight lines for aerial imaging operations. FlightPlan.sml
TechGuideFlight Planning
FLOWPATH.SML: Create flowpaths and buffers zones. FLOWPATH.SML
TechGuideFlow Path
flowpathXML.sml: Create flowpaths and buffers zones. flowpathXML.sml
fragtool.sml: Calls fragstats.exe on drawn region. fragtool.sml
TechGuideRunning FRAGSTATS with TNTmips
LayerSelectTool.sml: Use rectangle tool to select layers in the View. LayerSelectTool.sml
TechGuideControl Display by Area of Interest
LineProfile.sml: Displays profile of selected lines. LineProfile.sml
TechGuideInfrastructure Graphical Profile
NEzoom.sml: Variable zoom on left mouse click depending on current scale. NEzoom.sml
PipeProfileCAD.sml: Displays a plotted profile of contiguous connected selected lines. PipeProfileCAD.sml
TechGuideDraw into CAD Object in a Script
pointsel.sml: Tool to select and highlight a vector point. pointsel.sml
TechGuideSelect Point
PopInViewTool.sml: On left mouse-click, pops in a circular view of another specified spatial object at the location of the cursor, similar to a View-in-View. PopInViewTool.sml
PropFinder.sml: Creates a dialog to conduct property searches by address and by property owner. PropFinder.sml
TechGuideProperty Finder Tool Script
RASTPROF.sml: Draws profile based on raster cell values under user drawn line. RASTPROF.sml
ReconStrikeDipTool.sml: A streamlined method for determining the Strike and Dip values from an accurate DEM raster and overlaid arial imagery. ReconStrikeDipTool.sml
Regstatp.sml: An SML Tool Script to record and process raster values along a user-drawn line. Regstatp.sml
TechGuideRegion Statistics
REGSTATS.SML: Compute area statistics for a user drawn polygon. REGSTATS.SML
TechGuideRaster Profile
regstats2.sml: Provides a polygon tool that allows user to outline an area of a raster in the view and compute area statistics for the area. regstats2.sml
TechGuideArea Statistics
Soil_Info.sml: Tool determines the soil types within user drawn polygon and lists cumulative area for each soil type. Soil_Info.sml
TechGuideLaunch Programs with TNTmips Data
STREET.SML: Find street entered by the user. STREET.SML
TechGuideFind Streets
TechGuideModifying SML Tool Scripts for New Applications
StrikeDipTool.sml: Updated to work in overhead stereo mode in the main View.
A streamlined method for determining the Strike and Dip values from an accurate DEM raster and overlaid aerial imagery.
TechGuideMeasure Strike/Dip of Geologic Features
TechGuideStrike/Dip Tool Works with Any Georeferenced Image
StrikeDipTool76.sml: A streamlined method for determining the Strike and Dip values from an accurate DEM raster and overlaid aerial imagery. StrikeDipTool76.sml
TLINBYATT.sml: Allows user to select line and highlights all lines with same Class attribute. TLINBYATT.sml
URLS.SML: Pops up a dialog that opens a web browser to the URL selected. URLS.SML
utest.sml: This script is designed to work with a display group containing raster layers depicting the spatial variation of various environmental variables (elevation, slope, rainfall, and so on) and a vector layer representing the inland boundary of this malarial mosquito habitat. The script was created as a tool script so that it can provide interactive selection of test areas in the View, perform the statistical analysis, and present the results graphically in the View. utest.sml
TechGuideMosquito Habitat Statistics (U-Test)
VPTOOL.SML: Name and record view positions. VPTOOL.SML