Advanced Software for Geospatial Analysis

TNTmips is a complete Geographic Information System that lets you work with virtually any type of geospatial data including imagery, terrain surfaces, and map data with associated database attributes. It provides all the tools you need to view, create, edit, georeference, interpret, and publish any type of geospatial data. TNTmips provides professional geospatial tools in a single package at an affordable price without costly add-ons.

TNTmips is MicroImages' flagship product for geospatial analysis — it includes TNTedit, TNTview, and TNTatlas. TNTmips has several license levels you can choose from: Pro, Basic, and Free. It has a long release history and is used in more than 150 nations around the world.

TNTedit icon TNTedit — Create, georeference, and edit

TNTedit provides professional interactive tools to create, georeference, and edit images and GIS project materials consisting of vector, image, CAD, TIN, and relational database objects. TNTedit can access geospatial data in a wide variety of commercial and public formats.

The functionality of TNTedit is included in TNTmips but TNTedit can be run or purchased separately.

TNTview icon TNTview — Image and GIS viewer

TNTview has all the same powerful display features for complex visualization and interpretation of geospatial materials as TNTmips. TNTview is perfect for those who do not need the technical processing and geodata preparation features of TNTmips, but who nonetheless need flexible access to the TNTgis project materials in their organization.

The functionality of TNTview is included in TNTmips and TNTedit but TNTview can be run or purchased separately.

TNTatlas icon TNTatlas — Free image and GIS viewer

TNTatlas is a powerful free geodata viewer that lets you publish and distribute your maps and geospatial data — from a single geodata file to complex map layouts prepared using TNTmips.

TNTatlas lets you display massive sized geodata and will directly display numerous file formats including shapefiles, GeoTIFF, JP2, PNG, MrSID, DXF, and DWG.

TNTscript TNTscript — Automated geospatial processing

TNTscript lets you execute SML scripts on additional computers, using local or network resources.

TNTscript allows powerful and efficient geospatial processes to be integrated into complex automated workflows and custom programs. Leverage the power of the TNTgis SML scripting language across your enterprise network or the internet to automatically create geospatial products as new data arrives or by user requests.

TNTscript includes a professional license for TNTview, which provides a powerful geodata viewer and SML Editor for developing scripts.

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