Datum Geospatial

  A LandScan Product


Datum Geospatial is a software company focused on the development and support of Datum Workstation (formerly TNTgis) and Datum Cloud (formerly Syncarto).

Datum Geospatial works closely with experts in many different fields to create innovative software tools with a focus on site characterization and analysis. We take pride in our agile development methods — specifically being flexible and responsive to customer requests and suggestions. This includes collaborating with consultants, resellers, and clients in deciding what features to develop, ideas for ways to implement features, and getting feedback from those trying out new features.

Software Release & Updates

We release a new version of Datum Workstation on a recurring basis. New editions are posted approximately every week on our download page, providing rapid access to all available changes.


Datum Geospatial maintains an experienced staff of technical support specialists with computer science or related degrees. These professionals provide direct world-wide support to Datum clients without cost. Technical questions, error reports, and new feature requests are responded to quickly. The Contact Support form available via the Help menu of Datum Workstation software is an efficient way to start an email conversation with us.


Datum Workstation, originally called MicroImages, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Dr. Lee D. Miller and Michael J. Unverferth with its first software product, the Map and Image Processing System (MIPS). MIPS had been developed in a university setting for image processing on microcomputers. The software evolved into a broad, integrated system that includes features for image processing, GIS, CAD, TIN, desktop cartography, spatial database management, and visualization. In 1993, MIPS was renamed TNTmips® and made available for all Windows and Mac computers. MicroImages has a long and reliable release history with short release cycles. Since 2004 a new version has been released every year containing new features along with weekly editions for updates.

In 2020, MicroImages, Paris Geospatial (Scripts By Jack), and Syncarto were acquired by LandScan, LLC to form Datum Geospatial.