Datum Workstation Price

Datum Workstation

Datum Workstation is available as a subscription (SaaS) license, either prepaid annually or automatically billed monthly. A license for Datum Workstation is enabled by a USB license key or E-license, which is available from us or an authorized reseller.

Price (per user in USD)
Annual (prepaid)US $1500
Monthly (automatically billed)US $150

Datum GeoView

Datum GeoView is available as a free download at no charge.

Quantity Discounts

Please contact us for quantity pricing.

Academic Pricing

Academic pricing is available to institutions who want to provide students with an opportunity to learn and practice geospatial analysis. Please contact us for academic and verified student pricing.

Purchase from a Reseller

Our resellers are professionals around the world who are ready to help you.

Prices from resellers may vary from those listed here to account for international shipping, duties, and value added taxes. Please ask your reseller for an itemized cost estimate or pro forma invoice. It will show the price for your Datum Workstation software plus separate charges for any additional fees.

Purchase from Us

You can communicate directly with us to purchase the Datum Workstation software. To confirm your order, we will send you a Pro Forma invoice so you can verify the final details and provide cost and billing details to the financial officer in your organization. When you return the signed Pro Forma invoice and Datum Workstation software registration form to us, we will send the license immediately.

Please contact us if you have any questions with the regard to the cost of our products — whether purchasing directly from us or a reseller.