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Datum GeoView software has all the same powerful display features for complex visualization and interpretation of geospatial materials as Datum Workstation. Datum GeoView is perfect for those who do not need the technical processing and geodata preparation features of Datum Workstation, but who nonetheless need flexible access to the geospatial project materials in their organization.

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Precisely overlay geodata layers in a variety of data types and a multitude of Coordinate Reference Systems. Include layers in a wide variety of external formats without importing such as shapefiles, GeoTIFF, JP2, PNG, MrSID, DXF, and DWG. Overlay your geodata on Bing Maps imagery and maps or on geodata layers published on the Internet as web tilesets, Web Map Service (WMS), and ArcIMS.

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Styling Map Data
Use the attributes attached to geometric elements to create color theme maps or graduated symbol maps for visualisation and analysis.

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Spatial Databases
Create and maintain spatial data and attributes in a relational database. Link to geodata in spatial database formats such as MySQL Spatial, PostGIS, and Oracle Spatial.

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3D Visualization
Full suite of 3D perspective visualization tools to aid you in viewing, analyzing and understanding your geospatial data.

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Geodata Formats
Direct display of popular formats including GeoTIFF, JPEG2000, PNG, MrSID, ECW, shapefile. Support for the Datum RVC project file, which may contain any number of raster, vector, CAD, TIN, and database objects prepared in Datum Workstation. Use Datum GeoView to create and save map 'layouts' and 'groups' of geospatial layers in an RVC file.

map design

Map Design
Map design tools to layout and style electronic or printed maps of any complexity at a designated map scale.

local plus web data

Mix Local & Web Data
Use web-based geospatial data as a reference as you view, georeference, edit, or create your local data. View Bing Maps, web tilesets, Web Map Service (WMS), and ArcIMS layers in any view.

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Stereo View
View geospatial data in stereoscopic 3D (stereo) using a terrain layer and any popular stereo viewing device.

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