The TNTgis software includes a full suite of 3D visualization tools to aid you in viewing, analyzing and understanding your geospatial data. Using digital elevation models (DEMs) provided by MicroImages on DVDs or other media, or your own local DEM, you can view any type of geospatial data in 3D perspective and stereo views in TNTmips, TNTview, and TNTedit. No special data preparation is necessary. Atlases of your geodata prepared in TNTmips and distributed in the free TNTatlas can also include 3D views.

See also: Tech Guides on 3D Visualization and Stereo and Tutorials on 3D Perspective Visualization and Creating 3D Animations.

3DVisualization01.jpg 3DVisualization02.jpg
View cross-sections in 3D along with surface data
Extruded polygons in 3D views clearly show variations in polygon attributes

3D Visualization Highlights

  • Overlay any georeferenced image and any number of geometric layers on a terrain (DEM) layer to create and save 3D perspective views
  • Overlay points, lines, polygons, and labels in geometric objects on the terrain with full styling, including transparency
  • View attributes of geometric elements in DataTips in 3D views
  • View any georeferenced image in stereo in 2D and 3D views using anaglyph glasses or other stereo viewing device
  • Create cross-sections and other 3D manifolds and view in perspective either alone or in combination with surface map or image data
  • Easily adjust 3D viewer position and viewpoint
  • Switch between 3D wireframe view for fast preview and solid view for full rendering
  • Render 3D points and lines as 3D shapes
  • Extrude polygons into 3D shapes above or below terrain with heights set from polygon attributes
  • Display points on stalks above terrain with stalk height set from point attribute
  • Launch Google Earth from your TNTgis 3D view with automatic match of your viewpoint and view geometry
  • Fast update of the perspective view when layers are toggled on/off
  • Control the detail and speed of terrain rendering
  • Terrain properties can be stored with the DEM to speed display of 3D perspective views
  • Print 3D perspective and 2D anaglyph stereo views
  • Record 3D animations that pan or orbit around a point or follow your prescribed path


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