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  • Datum Workstation was previously called TNTgis.

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SML Scripts — over 500 sample scripts to help you write your own custom scripts, queries, tools, and more

Geodata Formats — over 140 geodata formats supported for direct use and/or import

Datum Workstation Documentation

MI icon New Feature Summary

Overview of new features.

MI icon Release History

Documents for each version describing new features, improvements, company news, and policy changes.

MI icon Client Testimonials

Some of the positive comments we have received during recent release cycles.

MI icon Technical Guides

1100 technical guides cover a wide variety of features and products notices.


MI icon Datum Workstation FAQ

An archive of frequently asked questions.


MI icon Installation and Setup Guides

The installation and setup manuals for Datum Workstation.

MI icon FAQs by Jack™

An expert user tells how to handle imagery and GIS data.

PDF icon Glossary

Specialized technical vocabulary associated with Datum Workstation

MI icon Publish Your Maps and Images on the Internet

Providing very fast Internet access to your materials is now very easy. A standard web site is all you need.

PDF icon Tileset Concepts and Terminology

Datum Workstation includes a suite of processes that create tilesets mashups for use in various popular products. This 20 page document summarizes these capabilities.

Special Books and Papers

PDF icon H2Oexplore: Remote Sensing Approaches

This on-line course is offered free of charge by Dr. Stephen A. Drury: "H2Oexplore provides free learning resources about the use of remote sensing and GIS technologies to address geology, terrain and hydrology. They are based on the widely used textbook Image Interpretation in Geology." Case studies along with exercises use TNTmips Free.

PDF icon Published Papers & Books

Articles and papers from journals and periodicals.