Image Processing

TNTmips allows you to display, create, and process images of any type and up to terrabytes in size. You can enhance, combine, rectify, reproject, mosaic, and classify your geospatial images to optimize information extraction and data presentation. In addition, the Display process provides in-line spatial filtering, enhancement, and reprojection options that allow you to design the best views of your images. You can even work with hyperspectral images in the Hyperspectral Analysis process.

Getting Good Color (36 pp)


Image Classification (36 pp)


Combining Rasters (24 pp)


Filtering Images (24 pp)


Analyzing Hyperspectral Images 
(40 pp)


Rectifying Images (20 pp)


Orthorectification Using Rational Polynomials (16 pp)


Feature Mapping (28 pp)


Interpreting Digital RADAR Images (20 pp)