Analyzing Hyperspectral Images

A new generation of hyperspectral remote sensors produce imagery that you can visualize, process, and analyze with special features in TNTmips. Learn how to acquire and save image spectra, work with spectral libraries, calibrate images to reflectance, and perform spectral matching and classification procedures. Note: NASA's Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) imagery does fit in the TNTlite size limits so researchers and students can use free TNTlite for their hyperspectral projects. Download the sample data that accompanies this tutorial.

navigate.jpgHyperspectral explorer tool

navigate.jpg preview RGB combinations

navigate.jpgselect interband intervals

navigate.jpganimated color rotation

navigate.jpgview histograms / 3D strips

navigate.jpgspectral profile tool

navigate.jpgsave / load spectral libraries

navigate.jpgUSGS spectral libraries

navigate.jpgmatched filtering technique

navigate.jpgn-space animated scatterplot

navigate.jpgspectral angle mapper

navigate.jpgcalibrate / normalize / classify