Combining Rasters

There are many ways both to correct and to analyze the geospatial data in raster objects. You can treat raster objects as variables in logical and mathematical expressions to minimize systematic image degradation, reconstruct data dropouts, and enhance image features. Additionally, by applying a number of analytical combinations, you can highlight targeted types of image features.

navigate.jpgcoregister rasters

navigate.jpgsubtract path radiance

navigate.jpgNDVI vegetation index

navigate.jpgreduce dimensionality

navigate.jpgmultilinear regression

navigate.jpgnormalize multi-temporal sets

navigate.jpgpredict dropout values

navigate.jpgcompute band ratios

navigate.jpgTasseled Cap transformation

navigate.jpgenhance multi-raster sets

navigate.jpgdecorrelation stretch

navigate.jpgSML syntax / functions

View this Getting Started booklet: combrast.pdf Combining Rasters (file date: )