Rectifying Images

Give improved, map-like geometry to airphotos, satellite images, and airvideo frames by removing their systematic distortions of distance, perspective, and other factors. Image rectification processes reduce image distortion so that your images can serve as accurate map bases. You add map control points to the images, and select the type of rectification process that you want to rotate and stretch the image so that it matches the control points.

navigate.jpgadd ground control

navigate.jpgchoose any projection

navigate.jpgselect interpolation method

navigate.jpgselect scale / orientation

navigate.jpgmatch reference image

navigate.jpgany coordinate system

navigate.jpgautomatic rotation / resizing

navigate.jpgtrim output

navigate.jpgprocess multi-band rasters

navigate.jpgrectify vectors / CAD

View this Getting Started booklet: rectify.pdf Rectifying Images (file date: )