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MicroImages operates solely for software development, manufacturing, distribution, and support of the TNTgis software family. The company performs no service work, consulting, or data collection activities, since by so doing it would be in direct competition with its customers and resellers. MicroImages does not manufacture any computer equipment, although MicroImages does occasionally provide system integration assistance and other specialized consulting services.

MicroImages Press, a division of MicroImages, provides educational and training materials to support the integration of image processing, GIS, CAD, TIN, desktop cartography, spatial database management, visualization, and related objectives in the TNTgis family of software. The Press currently maintains and publishes color illustrated materials that include a series of free Tutorial booklets, Technical Guides, and Quick Guides. Documentation is available on the MicroImages web site in PDF format.


MicroImages, Inc. maintains an experienced staff of technical support specialists with computer science or related degrees. These professionals provide direct world-wide support to MicroImages' clients without cost, and also manage the TNTgis software releases. MicroImages' phones are answered directly by real people and not by recorded messages or selection menus. Hundreds of international FAXes and email requests for assistance are also answered weekly.


MicroImages is located in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska U.S.A. (N 40 48' 44", W 96 42' 07"), a community of 200,000, the second largest city in the state. The company's modern offices can be accessed via the 11th floor of the Sharp Tower in the heart of Lincoln's downtown district within easy walking distance of the Nebraska State Capitol and the University of Nebraska. This building houses the software engineers, MicroImages Press, software support staff, production and shipping, training facilities, and other company activities.

A local map helps you find us when you visit. If you plan to visit, we can suggest some nearby hotels.

A Webcam on a building one block from MicroImages shows a view from our office building looking south, towards the State Capitol.


MicroImages, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Dr. Lee D. Miller, president, and Michael J. Unverferth, vice president, with its first software product, the Map and Image Processing System (MIPS). MIPS had been developed in a university setting for image processing on microcomputers. Since 1986, MicroImages has released over 50 consecutive upgrades to MIPS, which evolved into a broad, integrated system that includes features for image processing, GIS, CAD, TIN, desktop cartography, spatial database management, and visualization. In 1993, MIPS was renamed TNTmips, rewritten with a standard X windows interface, and made available for all Windows and Mac computers.

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