Style by Attribute: Sets up styles by attribute for vector polygons. Creates the styles in a style subobject and sets up the style assignment table. Sets display parameters for polygons to By Attribute using these styles. CreatePolyStyles.sml
Vector — add & delete label elements vlabel.sml
Vector — add & delete line elements vline.sml
Vector — add & delete points vpoint.sml
Vector — add line: Add two point line. v2ptline.sml
Vector — add record for points: Adds population records for all points. cumul.sml
TechGuideCreating Cumulative Data
Vector — attach records to elements: Demostrates the TableReadAttachment, TableWriteAttachment, and TableExists database functions. attach.sml
Vector — connect points: Use with cb_wells to connect the points. addline.sml
Vector — count label elements: Prints the number of label elements in vector. numlabel.sml
Vector — create elements: Creates vector, adds points and lines. vmake.sml
Vector — delete polygon vpoly.sml
Vector — extract: Using source and operator. vecextr.sml
Vector — extract elements: Based on attributes. vector_extract.sml
Vector — find & replace table data: Searches the a Table.Field for a specified value replaces that value with a different given value. replace_field_values.sml
Vector — find adjacent polygons: Reads the poly list of all adjacent polygons to a given polygon it only returns polygons that have common lines (not a single common node). adjpoly.sml
Vector — find closest element: FindClosestPoly() to x, y point. find_poly_test.sml
Vector — insert line vertex vnode.sml
Vector — interactive find & replace table data: Prompts user for input polygon vector, database table, field, field value to replace, and the new field value. replace_field_values_interactive.sml
Vector — list line vertices: Lists all vertices for every line. VerticesInLines.sml
Vector — list point coordinates: List x, y coordinates for every point. dbasepts.sml
Vector — list polygon vertices: For every polygon in your input vector the script gets each line and prints the coordinates of each vertex, line distance and angle. Order of vertices listed are based on the line direction. The 3squares vector in the SimplePolygons.rvc uses a line cartoscript to draw lines - the arrows indicating line direction. WritePolygonVertices.sml
Vector — list tables & fields: List all of the tables and fields in the polgyon database for a vector. Use any vector with polygons as input (such as cbsoils_lite). databaseNavigate.sml
Vector — logical combination: Creates output vectors that are the logical result of two inputs: VectorAND(), VectorOR(), VectorReplace(), VectorSubtract(), VectorXOR(). vecop.sml
Vector — make record dbMakeTableRecord.sml
Vector — modify line vertex: Add line and modify x, y location of vertices. vchgline.sml
Vector — modify point vertex: Add points and modify x, y location of one of them. vchgpt.sml
Vector — nearest neighbor polygons: Update nearest neighbor databases for polygons in a vector object. NEARNEGH.SML
Vector — over-write record in table: Write a numeric value directly specifying the fieldname, recordNum, and value to write. updateRecord.sml
Vector — polygon boundary length: This sample script illustrates the use of some of the vector and database functions in SML. polybl.sml
Vector — query nearest neighbor polygon: Query nearest neighbor databases for polygons in a vector object. Query_NN.sml
Vector — relate tables: Create a database table set it to be related to another table. create.sml
Vector — set flags: VectorToolkit & NoLabelQTree vsetflag.sml
Vector — table to CSV databaseToCSV.sml
Vector — telate tables: Relates two tables. table_relate_func.sml
Vector — validate vvalid.sml

Writing Scripts with SML

Raster extents to vector polyline: Use information from an input raster to add elements to a new vector object. VTOOLKIT.sml
Vector — create table, fields, records: Create database table, fields, and attaching records. DB2.sml
Vector — list polygon attributes: Lists specified attributes for every polygon. DATABASE.sml
Vector — logical Or VECTCOMB.sml