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# Script demonstrates a way to print out coordinates of line vertices
# Lists all vertices for every line in a vector object
# Be sure to first resample (warp) your vector to the Coordinate Reference System you want the vertices to be in
# Cindy Robbins - 28 April 2005
numeric i, numLines, j, numPoints, lineID, k;
class VECTOR V;
# Here's where the output file will go:
class FILE myFile = fopen("c:/vertices.csv");
# the following arrays will be resized automatically
array lineArray[10]; 
array xArray[10]; 
array yArray[10]; 
array zArray[10];   
numLines = NumVectorLines(V);
for j = 1 to numLines {
		numPoints = GetVectorLinePointList(V, xArray, yArray, j, zArray);
      lineID = V.line[j].Internal.ElemNum; 
      for k = 1 to numPoints {
				# modify this to format the output the way you want
				fprintf(myFile, "%d%s%f%s%f%s%f\n", j, ",",xArray[k], ",", yArray[k], ",",zArray[k]);