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# Prompts the user for an input Polygon Vector, the database table,
# the table's field, the field value to replace, and the new field value.
# It then searches the field and replaces every instance of the old
# field value.
# The assumed field type is a String
vector V;
class DBTABLEINFO dbtable; # class used to get the table info
PopupMessage("Select /litedata/sf_data/HAYWSOIL/hsoils");
string tableName$ = PopupString("Enter the table name:"); # ie Wildlife
dbtable = TableGetInfo(V.poly.(tableName$)); # gets the class for the table we specified
numeric numRecords = dbtable.NumRecords;
string fieldName$ = PopupString("Enter the field name:");   # ie Grasses_Legumes for hsoils
string oldName$ = PopupString("Enter the field value to replace:"); # ie Good
string newName$ = PopupString("Enter the new field value:");  # ie Better
numeric i;
for i = 1 to numRecords  # loop through records
	if(V.poly.Wildlife[@i].(fieldName$)$ == oldName$) # if fieldValue found
		V.poly.Wildlife[@i].(fieldName$)$ = newName$; # store new Value