Sample Geodata

The TNTgis software from MicroImages can import, export, and link to geodata in hundreds of formats.  For your projects and productsion work, you will normally assemble geodata from a variety of sources. 

The Geodata provided here is intended primarily for testing and demonstration purposes.  Of course you are welcome to use it however you like in your own projects along with the other geodata that you assemble and create.  


Tutorial datasets 

MicroImages has prepared a series of sample datasets to accompany the free tutorial booklet series. These sample datasets have been specially prepared to show the power of TNTmips Free while adhering to its size constraints. These free datasets can be downloaded here and are also included on the TNTgis DVD.

Layouts and Sample Data

Sample data and associated layouts in RVC format for complex sample maps.

Hyperspectral Data  

A sample Project File for use with the Hyperspectral Analysis process in TNTmips. The project file contains an AVRIS image with 224 spectral bands.  

Elevation Data

Download free GLOBAL, USA, Canadian, & Brazilian DEMs. Each of these DEMs is a single, large TNTgis raster tileset object.

Also note, the Global 30-Meter Elevation data (ASTER version 2) is available for direct use in TNTmips via the Add Web Layer icon in the Display Manager.

See also

Digital Geological Maps of Japan 

Digital geologic maps distributed on a series of 7 CD-ROMs with geographic groupings of quadrangles. Each CD-ROM is available for purchase separately from the Geological Survey of Japan (