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  GLOBAL, USA, Canadian, & Brazilian DEMs

All TNTgis software1 can convert all the 2D geodata layers in a view into stereo 3D. All that is required is access to one of the DEMs that can be downloaded here or your more accurate local DEM.

Select anaglyph mode if you do not yet have a full color viewing device. Select the active, passive, or autostereoscopic (i.e., glasses free) 3D mode used by your monitor or TV.

Assemble a view of any combination of georeferenced image, vector, CAD, shape, LIDAR, TIN, or pinmap geodata layers. Add Bing2, web based standard tilesets3, or WMS layers. The DEM you select as your default will then be automatically resampled and used to redraw the 2D view in 3D. You can then use TNT's powerful editing tools to draw or edit layers directly on this 3D surface.

Each of these DEMs is a single, large TNTgis raster tileset object. Since a tileset is made up of many small files, each DEM file has been zipped to be downloaded as a single entity. It is not possible to download these in pieces, it's all or nothing. If you have difficulty maintaining a continuous download of a large files please try Filezilla as it will automatically resume an interrupted download.


Global 90-Meter Elevations in RVC Tileset format*  (SRTM, 2008) zipped unzipped
TechGuidesource TechGuideinfo 7 GB 7 GB
Global 30-Meter Elevations  (ASTER version 2) zipped unzipped
TechGuidesource Available for direct use in TNTgis software. TechGuideinfo NA NA
Brazil 30-Meter Elevations  (INPE resampled 2009 SRTM) zipped unzipped
Web linksource BRA 1.6 GB 1.6 GB
Canada 20-Meter Elevations  (CDED20, 2007) zipped unzipped
TechGuidesource CDED20 Canada High Resolution TechGuideinfo 4.06 GB 3.98 GB
USA 10-Meter Elevations  (NED10, 2008) zipped unzipped
NED10 is unavailable at this time 18.44 GB 19.04 GB
USA 10-Meter Elevations by State  (NED10, 2008)
Download from The National Map Viewer and Download Platform by USGS

The National Map by USGS offers United States elevation data you can download. This includes 3 meter NED and lidar for parts of the United States.

Other FREE Geodata

Global Geodata — includes VMap0, World Vector Shorelines, & Blue Marble derivatives
TechGuideinfo 2.59 GB 3.87 GB

1 These include TNTmips, TNTedit, TNTview, TNTatlas, and TNTmips Basic. TNTmips FREE does not support this 3D viewing feature.

2 Bing Maps image and road layers are automatically available at no additional charge for viewing and other uses in 2D and 3D in TNTmips, TNTedit, and TNTview. TNTmips Basic and TNTmips FREE do not provide access to the Bing Maps layers.

3 Standard tilesets are raster, KML, or SVG tilesets prepared in TNTmips for Internet viewing in Google Maps, Google Earth, Bing Maps, Open Layers, and World Wind. WMS layers that can also be added to 3D views.