Technical Guides & other documentation

MicroImages makes global and country-wide datasets available at no charge to TNTmips Pro users. You can use the data as reference layers for georeferencing, editing, and other processes. Use the elevation data to convert any 2D view to stereo with the addition of a terrain layer.

You can add Microsoft’s Bing Maps layer to your View with the click of a button. Additionally, several web tilesets are being hosted by MicroImages for you to use including Global Landsat (742 False Color and Structural Earth), OpenStreetMaps, and US State Orthophoto (2003-2011 NAIP) data. You can download several elevation datasets from our website that are already in the RVC format including: Global (30- and 90-meter SRTM), US (10- and 30-meter NED), Canada (20-meter CDED), and Brazil (30-meter INPE). DCW data (VMap0, World Vector Shorelines & Blue Marble derivatives) is also available on that page for you to download.