Job Processing

TiffToJP2fromJob.sml: You can combine geospatial scripting and TNTmips Job Processing to perform specialized batch processing. A pair of scripts is required for such a task: an Input/Output script to collect user inputs and create one or more job files, and a Process script to obtain the processing parameters from each job file and perform the actual custom processing. This custom job processing example performs batch conversion of a set of four-band TIFF files to compressed JP2 files. The Input/Output script TiffToJP2getJobParms.sml provides a dialog for selecting input TIFF files, an output directory, and JPEG2000 compression settings. It makes a job file for each input that includes these parameters and that calls the processing script TiffToJP2fromJob.sml to perform the conversion. TiffToJP2fromJob.sml
TechGuideCustom Job Processing with Geospatial Scripts