Raster cell to vector point: For each raster cell in the input raster, it creates a point in the output (3D) vector. The raster cell value is stored as the z-value. rcelltovpointgeoref.sml
Raster to TIN: Converts elevation raster to TIN object. rtotin.sml
Raster to vector contours: Converts elevation raster to vector object as contour lines. rtovec.sml
TIN to raster: Converts TIN object to Raster object. tintor.sml
TIN to vector contours: Converts TIN object to vector object as contour lines. tintov.sml
Vector to raster: Converts vector to raster. vector2raster.sml

Writing Scripts with SML

Shape to region: Opens a shape object consisting of polygons and outputs region a region object. SHAPE.sml