Automate geospatial processing using local or network computing

TNTscript allows powerful and efficient geospatial processes to be integrated into complex automated work–flows and custom programs. Leverage the power of the TNTgis SML scripting language across your enterprise network or the internet to automatically create geospatial products as new data arrives or by user requests. For more details, see the Automated Geospatial Processing with TNTscript Technical Guide.

Flexible control over SML scripts

Run geospatial SML scripts via various types of control scripts such as shell, batch, bash, php, JavaScript, Python, etc. Runtime TNTscript is a Windows or Mac executable program that provides all of the noninteractive SML processing functionality found in TNTmips Pro. It does not have a user interface, but instead is launched from the command line manually or by another program.

A custom script controlling the work–flow can call TNTscript as needed and specify the name of an SML script and the required script parameters. The data produced by this processing script can then be passed along to the next step in the overall work–flow.

Create on-demand geospatial products

Set up a script to run when new data arrives to have it automatically enter into your work–flow. Alternatively, set up a web page for internal or external customers to request geospatial products that are created and sent to them automatically.

Access via network servers

Network licenses for TNTscript are available to allow TNTscript processing to be distributed over multiple networked computers.

Automate work–flows

Automating your work will reduce errors, ensure tasks are finished, improve efficiency and consistency, and help managers with production goals and reports.

What you get with TNTscript

A TNTscript license includes the runtime TNTscript executable (with its own installer) and a professional license for TNTview (optional installation using the TNTgis installer). TNTview provides access to the SML Script Editor for writing, editing, and testing SML scripts for use with TNTscript. When you set the target product to TNTscript, the built-in Script Reference documentation indicates which functions and classes are available (everything except those related to interactive components such as pop-up dialogs, View windows, etc.). Fully interactive scripts can be written and executed from TNTview.

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