TNTmips Free

  for Windows and Macintosh

TNTmips Free is a no cost installation of TNTmips designed for students and professionals who wish to learn about geospatial analysis.  TNTmips Free is not a demo, but a large, full-featured geospatial analysis software package. TNTmips Free is the same software as TNTmips Pro except that the license to use it free-of-charge limits the size, number, and complexity of the geodata layers you can use in your project and omits some advanced features.

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TNTmips Free requires no license — just download, install, and run. All TNTmips license levels use the same installer file.

TNTmips Free Capabilities 

Carefully selected limitations have been placed on the TNTmips Free product. You can use TNTmips Free to learn all about spatial data analysis, GIS, image processing, terrain analysis, CAD, desktop cartography, web map publishing, and related topics. Thousands of pages of color illustrated reference materials are available free to help you.

The design of TNTmips Free permits you to do a project for a neighborhood, but not for a whole city. The TNTmips Free limits are on the internal complexity of each geodata layer you use in your project, not on that layer's geographic extent. Your layers can have a larger extent as long as they also have reduced detail. Thus you can use TNTmips Free to complete a map, image analysis, or other project activities covering a city or even a continent if your geodata layers have sparser synoptic content.

TNTmips Pro has the same code base but handles geodata of practically unlimited size. Its commercial sale provides the revenue to support its continued development and the distribution as TNTmips Free for learning and conducting smaller projects.