TNTmips License Levels

  Pro, Basic, and Free

Choose license level based on project size, data complexity, and advanced features you need.

TNTmips Pro — Global Capabilities

TNTmips Pro is the most comprehensive professional geospatial analysis package available. It is priced much lower than other software even when you purchase their entry level versions that subsequently require the purchase of many additional extensions and modules. All of TNTmips Pro's comprehensive geospatial analysis features are included at a single price.

Academic License — for Teaching

The reduced cost Special Academic License (SAL) for TNTmips Pro is available to university and college departments who want to provide students with an opportunity to learn and practice geospatial analysis appropriate for their academic and continuing studies.

TNTmips Basic — Small Projects

TNTmips Basic is a low-cost upgrade of TNTmips Free with increased capabilities to enable professional geospatial analysis projects of a larger size. Upgrade TNTmips Free to TNTmips Basic at any time using your credit card via PayPal.

Additional features are also activated in TNTmips Basic. You can automatically view any combination of your georeferenced geodata (images, shape, CAD, LIDAR, ) anywhere in the world in full 3D color using your 3D monitor or 3D TV or in anaglyph. Through your Internet connection you can also view any location in the world in 3D using imagery published at and by WMS or ARC. Converting the content of your 2D view to a 3D view can use your local DEM or automatically use the global elevation data published at

TNTmips Free — Learning Tools

TNTmips Free is a version of TNTmips Pro designed for free student use. TNTmips Free is not a demo; it is a fully featured geospatial analysis software package. TNTmips Free is exactly the same program as TNTmips Pro except that the license to use it free-of-charge determines the size, number, and complexity of geodata layers you can use in your project and omits some advanced features.

license level

Compare License Levels

Geodata usable in TNTmips: Free Basic Pro
• Cells in each raster or image 1,000,000 4,000,000 >terabytes
• Topological vector elements in each layer
     points 1,500 3,000 unlimited1
     lines 1,500 3,000 unlimited
     polygons 500 1,000 unlimited
     labels 1,500 3,000 unlimited
• CAD elements in each layer
     elements 500 1,000 unlimited
     blocks 5 5 unlimited
• Shape elements in each layer 500 1,000 unlimited
• LIDAR points in each layer 500,000 2,000,000 unlimited
• Database records each table 1,500 3,000 unlimited
• Each view
     Color 3D (i.e., in stereo) no yes yes
     Bing Maps layers no no yes2
     number open at same time 2 2 unlimited
     groups of layers in view 10 10 unlimited
     layers in each group 20 20 unlimited
     total number of layers 50 50 unlimited
     raster tilesets (web or local) no yes yes
     render layers to tileset no no yes
• Feature Mapping
     map classes 9 9 unlimited
     total number of features 100 100 unlimited
• Web Publishing3
     create and manage tilesets no no yes
     mashup tilesets no no yes
• Production Operations
     Use SML scripting language limited4 limited4 yes
     Job Processing5 no no yes
     Lidar Manager no no yes
     Lidar Classification no no yes
• Size of Prints A3/12x17 A3/12x17 unlimited
• Save table view for external use no yes yes

1 Unlimited means that there is no limit on the number of elements in the layer that can be created or used in TNTmips Pro, however, limits may be imposed by your hardware, other software, or operating system.

2 Each TNTmips Pro comes with a license purchased by MicroImages from Microsoft to use the Bing Maps image and road layers in every TNTview. This license is valid until the next version of TNTmips Pro is released in January.

3 TNTmips Pro can prepare and assemble raster, vector, CAD, shape, DEM, tilesets (raster, KML, and SVG), and other geodata types for viewing and other uses in Google Maps, Bing Maps, Google Earth, OpenLayers, and World Wind.

4 SML is MicroImages' powerful geospatial scripting language built into TNTmips. TNTmips Free and Basic can use SML to structure queries, add tools to views, and add internal macro processing methods. Only TNTmips Pro can be used to create and run "stand alone" SML scripts that can be distributed and run as separate processes.

5 Job Processing — TNTmips Pro will simultaneously execute the same or different independent analysis processes or tasks on each of your processors to greatly improve throughput.