A professional license for TNTmips, TNTedit, and TNTview is managed via a USB hardware key and driver. When you set the license level in the License Configuration window (Help > Configure License) to Professional, you will be guided to install the key driver if you have not previously installed it. (A portable TNTmips Basic license is managed this way too.)

Sentinel HASP/LDK driver

In most cases you will not need to use the key driver installers posted here or use the instructions on this page, since everything you need is already included when you install TNTmips and set up the license.

In the unlikely event you have trouble with the key driver we may suggest you update it manually. For example, if the TNTgis software and processes are opening slowly or if you have updated your operating system since installing TNTgis.

Before updating, you can check if the version number of your currently installed driver is older by navigating to Sentinel Admin Control Center in a web browser on the machine it is installed on. (If the page does not open it means you have an older key driver and you should update it.)

The USB Sentinel HASP/LDK driver installer file is already included with your TNTgis installation so in most cases you will not need to download it. However, you may want to download the driver installer if you:

  • are putting a floating license key on a machine that you will not be installing TNTmips on
  • don't have a current release version of TNTmips installed
  • have not installed the latest weekly edition of TNTmips

Update the Sentinel HASP driver

  1. exit TNTmips
  2. unplug the USB hardware key
  3. get the driver installer file
  4. Windows:

    navigate into your TNTgis installation folder and find the haspdinst.exe file
    (look here: c:\Program Files\MicroImages\TNT_[version number]\)


    download Sentinel_LDK_Run-time_setup.zip (installer v8.31)
    and extract the haspdinst.exe file released: 2019-10-11


    navigate into the Drivers folder under your TNTgis installation folder and find the Sentinel_Runtime.dmg file
    (look here: TNT_[version number] > Program Files > Drivers)


    download Sentinel_Runtime.dmg (installer v8.31) released: 2019-10-11

  5. double-click the installer file and follow the instructions
  6. plug in the USB hardware key
  7. start TNTmips

Additional instructions for installation problems.

Sentinel HASP/LDK is a product of thalesgroup.

For latest drivers, go to Sentinel LDK RunTime & Drivers and look for:
    Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time installer
    Sentinel HASP/LDK Mac OS X Run-time GUI installer