Introduction to Hyperspectral Imaging

Hyperspectral Images produced by a new generation of sensors are finding many applications in resource management, agriculture, mineral exploration, and environmental monitoring.  Learn how to use hyperspectral images more effectively by exploring the limitations of hyperspectral data as well as strategies for processing and interpreting images.  A companion to Analyzing Hyperspectral Images.

navigate.jpgimaging spectrometer design

navigate.jpgspectral influence

navigate.jpgmineral and plant spectra

navigate.jpgspectral libraries

navigate.jpgn-dimensional scatterplots

navigate.jpgspectral profile too

navigate.jpgradiance and reflectance

navigate.jpgillumination / atmospheric effects

navigate.jpgreflectance conversion

navigate.jpgspectral matching

navigate.jpglinear unmixing

navigate.jpgpartial unmixing