Constructing an Electronic Atlas

Build and publish massive stacks of spatially related raster, vector, CAD, and TIN geodata with the HyperIndex Linker option in TNTmips. An atlas stack can be viewed in the display process, or distributed for use with the free TNTatlas product. Create index areas in each view that link directly to other objects in the stack, making it easy to navigate visually through large collections of geospatial data.

navigate.jpgdraw index areas

navigate.jpgautomatic georeference links

navigate.jpggraphical index screens

navigate.jpgsimple / complex hierarchy

navigate.jpghide / show layers

navigate.jpglink complex layouts

navigate.jpghide / show index areas

navigate.jpglateral directional links

navigate.jpgwelcome screens

navigate.jpglinear / convoluted hierarchy

navigate.jpgdescriptive link text

navigate.jpgadd metadata windows