Geologic Map CartoScripts



To illustrate the power of CartoScripts, MicroImages has created a set of free scripts designed to render the specialized line and point symbols for geologic and geotectonic maps.

More Style by Script pages:

Basic Style Scripts
More CartoScript documentation and examples

The scripts set the size of point symbols and line elements in millimeters relative to the scale of the printed map. You can edit the scripts to set the desired map scale, element sizes, and color. Since these scripts use many of the CartoScript functions in varied combinations, you can also study them for ideas on how to create your own custom map symbols.

Fold Axis Lines download

  Solid Dashed
Anticline anticln1.qry anticln2.qry
Overturned Anticline anticln3.qry anticln4.qry
Anticline (alternate) anticln5.qry anticln6.qry
Syncline synclin1.qry synclin2.qry
Overturned Syncline synclin3.qry synclin4.qry
Syncline (alternate) synclin5.qry synclin6.qry

Fold Axis Lines 2 download

  Solid Dashed
Asymmetric Anticline anticlnAsym1.qry anticlnAsym2.qry
Plunging Anticline anticlnPlng1.qry anticlnPlng2.qry
Doubly-Plunging Anticline anticlnDoubPlng1.qry anticlnDoubPlng2.qry
Asymmetric Syncline synclnAsym1.qry synclnAsym2.qry
Plunging Syncline synclnPlng1.qry synclnPlng2.qry
Doubly-Plunging Syncline synclnDoubPlng1.qry synclnDoubPlng2.qry

Fault Lines download

  Solid Dashed
Normal normflt1.qry normflt2.qry
Normal (alternate) normflt3.qry normflt4.qry
High Angle Dip Slip hidsflt1.qry hidsflt2.qry
Thrust thrsflt1.qry thrsflt2.qry
Left-Lateral Strike-Slip ssfltlf1.qry ssfltlf2.qry
Right-Lateral Strike-Slip ssfltrt1.qry ssfltrt2.qry

Geotectonic Map Symbols download

  Solid Dashed
Left-Lateral Transform trnfltl1.qry trnfltl2.qry
Right-Lateral Transform trnfltr1.qry trnfltr2.qry
Spreading Axis or Ridge ridge1.qry ridge2.qry
Suture suture1.qry suture2.qry
Plate Motion Direction
and Rate

Point Symbols for Attitude of Outcrop Features

Strike and Dip of Planar Features   download 

Bedding: inclined, overturned, 
 vertical, horizontal 
Cleavage: inclined, vertical cleavage.qry
Foliation: inclined, vertical  foliatn.qry
Joint: inclined, vertical joint.qry

Trend and Plunge of Linear Features   download 

Mineral Lineation lineatn.qry
Intersection Lineation intrsect.qry
Minor Fold Axis minfold.qry
Crenulation Axis crenaxis.qry