MicroImages' Client Testimonials

Here are some of the positive comments MicroImages has received during recent release cycles. Our clients ask us for new features and tell us when they find problems. They also let us know when we get it right.

Their comments come by phone, fax, and email. We make no effort to save their oral comments, but some of those that come by fax and email are provided here exactly as written except for the [edit] alterations in [brackets] to keep them anonymous. Please note that these comments are not edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.

from Australia

Keep up the great work

That works very well indeed. Thank you very much. Its weird how you seem to be developing fixes for my problems in advance of me needing them! Keep up the great work.  

from Japan

Very helpful

He said he could easily distinguish among [field types], etc by changing to 3D mode. In that sense the red-blue glass you sent was very helpful.

from Germany

Thanks a lot

the new feature the localisation tool is going to have by beginning of next year are very welcome and for me kind of Xmas present, thanks a lot to you and all the other staff involved in this matter!

from Australia

Responsive and quick acting

That's an excellent little tech guide.  I really like your aspect raster example. I am impressed with how responsive and quick acting you guys are.  It must be nice to work in a company like that.

from Australia

Excellent and useful

[TNTmips Newsletter - Spatial Statistics] is awesome. Seriously excellent and useful.

from Australia

Good job

Thanks guys. I know you'll get it fixed, you've always been pretty fast to fixing these errors. So, good job.

from USA


[TNTmips brochure] is, in a word, excellent. I did not see any items that need to be changed. And, I did not see any major omissions. Great job!

My main ... daily ... use of TNTmips is its scripting language (SML). All of my clients have some form of MicroImages products so that they can use my customized SML scripts which contain customized algorithms. One client is using one of my algorithms to automatically process Landsat image rasters for the purpose of making several kinds of customized agricultural information maps for specific fields of interest. And, I am working on SML scripts that have algorithms that will be used to process images taken from a UAV ... again for specific agricultural fields of interest.

TNTmips is a great geospatial information software package that addresses all of the needs of that community including several unique ways. But, it is the total package that is your greatest advantage in the marketplace.

from United Kingdom


Thank you very much!  I just tested it and I saw it works!  Fine! What can I say now?  It's just amazing how efficient your technical support is! 

from Australia

Excellent service

Thanks [a name] - excellent service as always from you folks at Microimages.

from Belgium

So happy with TNTmips

It went smoothly. I will save your precious explanations in my MicroImages folder. I have to say that I am so happy with TNTmips. 

I was a few days ago in [another country], working for the [government agency]. There, I met a young Lady whose department was granted by [government agency] a full powered ESRI package equipping 4 or 5 workstations, the same number of tablets, a A0 plotter, etc. Speaking with her, she was so amazed to see how swiftly I could create background images, etc. We exchanged files regarding the projects hosted by . She was really interested by TNTmips and when I received the recent e-mail freeing large size printing, I forwarded it to her. I encouraged her downloading the demo version of the package. She told me she entered in contact with MicroImages.

Many thanks for your clear explanations. It is so easy...

from Australia

Very Cool

Very Cool! Thanks especially for the GLCM module - I will dive into it in the next few days. The buffering update is also timely as I am doing heaps (this week) of this on plantation tree canopies determined by automatic classification of Wv2 8-band imagery (to determine low stocking regions - holes - within plantations).

Note that the "Sentinel 1" radar satellite has launched (April 2014) as has ALOS 2 and there will finally be a new hyperspectral satellite in 2017 (indian satellite) so your added attention to the raster processing tools is timely. All these are going to have broad application in vegetation mapping (height, structure, health, species).

I look forward to the vegetation index generator as well (hint, hint); the idea being that veg indicies can then be inputs for GLCM and/or classification processes to 'map' the vegetation structural classes...  My holy grail...

from Japan

Very quick

Very quick.

[In response to a request to display line vertices with a point symbol on a Monday, which was implemented and available by Wednesday the same week.]

from Japan

very easy and quick

Today [a name] said TNT's geomashup process is very easy and quick. It creates necessary files almost automatically. ArcGIS also has mashup capability, but it needs lots of user intervention,, i.e., user must write html manually.

from TNTtalk

Why TNTmips?

As TNT isn't that well known I wondered if users could find the time to explain why they use TNTmips.

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