addnode.sml: TINAddNode() addnode.sml
delnode.sml: TINDeleteNode() delnode.sml
edgeext.sml: TINGetEdgeExtents() edgeext.sml
edgehole.sml: TINDeleteEdgeAndMakeHole() edgehole.sml
edgelist.sml: TINGetConnectedEdgeList() edgelist.sml
gettin.sml: GetInputTIN() gettin.sml
getz.sml: Returns z value of a node. getz.sml
maketin.sml: Create TIN. maketin.sml
nodeedge.sml: Get a triangle and list nodes and edges. nodeedge.sml
nodeext.sml: TINGetNodeExtents() nodeext.sml
nodehole.sml: TINDeleteNodeAndMakeHole() nodehole.sml
nodelist.sml: List nodes connected to another node. nodelist.sml
nodetri.sml: Get an edge and list associated nodes and triangles. nodetri.sml
outtin.sml: GetOutputTIN() outtin.sml
setz.sml: TINSetNodeZValue() setz.sml
tininfo.sml: List number of hulls, edges, nodes, and triangles in TIN. tininfo.sml
triext.sml: TINGetTriangleExtents() triext.sml
trihole.sml: TINDeleteTriangleAndMakeHole() trihole.sml

Writing Scripts with SML

TIN.sml: Get input vector with elevation points and output TIN object. TIN.sml