SML Fundamentals

DOWNLOAD.sml: Uses HTTP_CLIENT class to download and processs a file from the internet. DOWNLOAD.sml
HASH.sml HASH.sml
Date: Get the number of days since the new year. daysfromjulian.sml
Get Files: List and count number of .jpg files in folder. look4jpg.sml
Recursion: Calls a function within itself recursiontest.sml
Recursive function to get files in folder: Navigates through directories, subdirectories and RVC files. Looks in directory for RVC file and prints all raster names; then goes through sub directories & does the same. TraverseSubDirs.sml
Simple dialog: Counts the number of rasters in each .rvc file from the directory specified by user, checks to see if file names match raster object names, and outputs information to dialog window, and generates a report file. CheckFileObjs.sml
Sort: User defined shellsort() function is implemented. shellsort.sml
User defined function: Returns largest number. LARGER.sml
User defined function with local variable: Returns largest number. LARGER2.sml
User defined functions to work with strings: Insert a string 's' into the 'list' at index 'i'. stringlist_insert.sml

Writing Scripts with SML

Coordinate Transformation: Transforms input latitude/longitude coordinates (in WGS84 Datum) to UTM coordinates in the appropriate zone. CRS.sml
Coordinate Transformations: Get the object-map coordinate transformation parameters for a georeferenced object and transform extents rectangle coordinates between these systems. OBJMAP.sml
Coordinate Transformations: Coordinate transformations between coordinate systems used by graphic tools, the view, and view layers and their contained spatial objects. PTCOORD2.sml
Create View with Layers: Create and display an image and vector layer in a View VIEW2.sml
Expressions and conditional statements: if–else statement EXPRESS.sml
Extract Information &/ Start External Program: Extract attribute information, write it to an external file, and launch that file in another application. SOILDATA.sml
Graphic Tool in View: Uses a graphic tool in a View to access information from the geodata layers. VIEWGD.sml
Loops: While and For loops. WHILEFOR.sml
Popup dialogs: PopupNum() and PupupString(). POPUP.sml
Read Write: Read and writ text files. TEXTFILES.sml
Return Date: User-defined function that returns a string numeric date in the form YYYYYMMDDD. DATE.sml
Use of arrays, matrices, and stringlists ARRAY.sml
User Defined Function: User-defined function set to return a specified class type. Returns center point from three input points. CENTER.sml
User Defined Procedure: User-defined procedure that modifies the value of a variable passed to it. SQUARE.sml
Write to Console: Clear and write to the console window. CONSOLE.sml