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# PinDistance.qry
# Pinmap selection script for geotagged image table
# Selects photo pins within specified map distance of a reference point.
numeric distance = 200;			# specified distance in meters
class POINT2D refpt, photo;	# reference and photo points
class SR_COORDREFSYS crs;		# Set coordinate reference system
# set longitude / latitude coordinates of reference point
refpt.x = -96.6767763;	refpt.y = 40.8087643;
# get coordinates of current photo from table
photo.x = `WPN Geotagged Images`.Longitude;
photo.y = `WPN Geotagged Images`.Latitude;
# call function that returns distance in meters between two points in
# specified map projection and compare to target distance
if (ProjDistanceToMeters(crs, photo.x, photo.y, refpt.x, refpt.y) <= distance )
	return true;	# selects records meeting criterion