Download, Install, and Start

TNTmips — Download, Install, and Start

  1. Download TNTmips — make sure you download the Windows or Mac TNTmips installer for your operating system.
  2. Install TNTmips onto the computer you will use to operate TNTmips Basic. You can uninstall at any time.
  3. Start TNTmips
  • Windows: Start > All Programs > MicroImages > TNTgis [version number] > TNTmips [version number]
         or TNTmips [version number] from program list
  • Mac: Applications > TNTgis [version number] > TNTmips
  • Select the Free license level the first time you start TNTmips. Continue to Buy Now (step 2) instructions to upgrade to TNTmips Basic.

Contact MicroImages if you want to purchase 5 or more licenses.