Damaged Keys

  Avoid accidents and insure your key

Avoid Accidents


Clients report keys that have been damaged by power surges, fire, getting stepped on, and other accidents.  For example, if your computer sits on the floor by your desk and the key sticks out from a USB port on the front of the computer, it can easily be damaged by a chair, a leg, or a vacuum cleaner. Be careful not to bump the key while inserted, particularly when using a laptop computer. As with any USB device, use care when inserting and removing the key and avoid contact with the metal parts in case of static discharge. If a key is to be moved frequently, consider using a short USB extension cable to avoid excessive wear on the key contacts.

Insure Your Key

IMPORTANT: Your software license key IS your TNTgis professional product. Without your key, you can run only the TNTmips Free license level. Take steps to safeguard your key, even as you take normal precautions to safeguard other valuable possessions. Insure your key against loss, theft, or damage for the full cost of your TNTgis software. If you lose your TNTgis software key, you must purchase a new product license.

Pay for Replacement

MicroImages will replace damaged keys for a fee. Damaged keys must be returned to MicroImages
when exchanging.