TNTmips Basic Prices

Computer locked license, no key required

  • license is locked to the computer the software was registered for
  • license does not expire but is only for the version that was purchased

Authorization by direct purchase online using credit card or PayPal

  • no discounts, direct sale only; no pro formas or purchase orders

1 computer locked license: US$200

Authorization by prepaid token

  • contact reseller for single units
  • tokens are sent by email
  • no waiting or cost for delivery
  • tokens will not time out and are not tied to a specific version
  • target computer does not have to be on network or have Internet access
  • use token to obtain TNTmips Basic license file using Prepaid option

10 computer locked licenses using tokens: US$2000

Portable license, authorized by USB key

  • minimum order of 5 TNTmips Basic USB keys
  • flexible, portable license similar to TNTmips Pro software
  • key can be upgraded to next version for $150 per key
  • key can be upgraded to any of the professional TNTgis products

5 portable USB licenses: $1500 for keys + shipping

Upgrading to a Professional TNTgis Product

A purchase credit for TNTmips Basic is available if upgrading to any professional TNTgis product within 6 months of purchase.

All prices subject to change without notice.