Purchase TNTgis software directly from MicroImages, Inc.

TNTgis software may be purchased from our Resellers and Consultants or directly from MicroImages. To order directly from MicroImages:

Step 1:   Contact MicroImages and request a Pro Forma invoice.  Please include:
  • Name of Contact Person
  • Name of Company or Organization 
  • Complete Address (and shipping address, if different)
  • Voice and FAX numbers, and email address
  • Which TNTgis software product you want, and how many of each.
Step 2:   MicroImages will FAX you a sample Pro Forma invoice.  
The Pro Forma invoice will cover complete product costs and shipping via DHL express. 
The Pro Forma invoice will NOT cover other national or local costs such as VAT, duties, or local delivery charges, which are your responsibility to pay.
Step 3:   Check the Pro Forma invoice's product, contact, and payment information for accuracy.
Step 4:   Sign and return the Pro Forma invoice by FAX or email.  
Step 5:   MicroImages will ship your TNT product in 2 or 3 business days, and send you the DHL shipping number and commercial invoice so you can track the product shipping status on DHL's web site.

Or, send a purchase order based on the Pro Forma invoice sent by MicroImages.

If you have any questions please contact MicroImages.