Vector Analysis Operations

How can you find hospitals near railroads, or wetlands near oil wells? Your project materials may include vector geodata containing themes such as river networks, transportation infrastructure, property ownership, and land classification. Vector analysis operations use point, line, and polygon attributes and "topology" (spatial relationships such as adjacency, intersection, island, and inside/outside) to answer a host of analytical questions.

navigate.jpgbuffer zones

navigate.jpgmerge overlapping vectors

navigate.jpguse elements by attributes

navigate.jpg"cookie cutter" extraction

navigate.jpgdraw processing region

navigate.jpginsert / replace

navigate.jpgUnion, Intersection, Subtract

navigate.jpgcombine adjacent vectors

navigate.jpgtrim to selected limits

navigate.jpgcombine / simplify elements

navigate.jpgcopy / paste

navigate.jpgset tolerance distance