Using TNTatlas

TNTatlas is a free product available from MicroImages for viewing hierarchical atlases prepared in TNTmips with HyperIndex Linker or for single layout atlases.  There are two versions of TNTatlas: a native Windows product called TNTatlas for Windows, and a version that runs with MicroImages X Server (MI/X) called TNTatlas.  Both versions make use of the same atlas data without modification.

navigate.jpginstalling TNTatlas

navigate.jpgTNTatlas interface components

navigate.jpgnavigating down

navigate.jpgnavigating laterally

navigate.jpghidden layers

navigate.jpgmap scale controlled visibility

navigate.jpgviewing database information

navigate.jpgweb links by attribute


navigate.jpgraster histograms

navigate.jpghot keys

navigate.jpgviewing single-layout atlases

View this Getting Started booklet: unixinst.pdf Using TNTatlas (file date: )