Theme Mapping

Select any numeric attribute to create a vector theme map in which the color and style of each element is automatically assigned according to its attribute value. Thus if you work with attributes such as species population, agricultural yields, average household income, population density, mineral concentration, or depth of water table, you can present them as color theme maps for visualization and analysis. Adjust theme values, presentation styles, color spreads, automatic color legends, and label contents for your output maps.

navigate.jpgany numeric attribute

navigate.jpgcustom color spreads

navigate.jpgany number of themes

navigate.jpgsymbol / size / color

navigate.jpgfill patterns / color

navigate.jpgsave / reuse themes

navigate.jpgthemes by query

navigate.jpgadjust theme boundaries

navigate.jpgcreate theme styles

navigate.jpgline / thickness / color

navigate.jpginteractive statistical tools

navigate.jpgadd layout elements

View this Getting Started booklet: thememap.pdf Theme Mapping (file date: )