Creating and Using Styles

Please do not limit the display or printing of your point, line, and polygon geodata to simple solid colors. The symbolism (display and print styles) applied to points, lines, and polygon fills can convey considerable useful information. You can select styles from TNT's large libraries, or design your own. Then use the elements' geoattributes for automatic style selection when they are rendered for display or printing.

navigate.jpgstandard style sets

navigate.jpgstyle by attribute /query

navigate.jpgvariable point symbols

navigate.jpgcolor / size /orientation

navigate.jpgfont color / size

navigate.jpgtransparency fills

navigate.jpgcreate / edit styles

navigate.jpgsave style objects

navigate.jpgimport symbol fonts

navigate.jpgadvanced CartoScript styles

navigate.jpgbitmap / hatch fills

navigate.jpg3D symbols / styles