Digitizing Soil Maps

How do you computerize paper maps? This booklet walks you through a sample project that digitizes published soil maps by using several TNTgis processes to scan, threshold, vectorize, combine, and finish a digital map containing vector polygons with attached geoattributes. The techniques can be generalized for other types of paper maps.

navigate.jpgscanning techniques

navigate.jpgauto-trace process

navigate.jpgapply binary threshold

navigate.jpgremove dangles / overshoots

navigate.jpgselect thinning method

navigate.jpgmosaic multiple sheets

navigate.jpgadd georeference

navigate.jpgpreview filter results

navigate.jpgclose gaps

navigate.jpgremove islands / bubbles

navigate.jpgclean artifacts

navigate.jpgimport / attach geoattributes

View this Getting Started booklet: soil.pdf Digitizing Soil Maps (file date: )