Writing Scripts with SML

As you engage in complex geospatial studies, you may require some unusual or unique procedure that is not provided by the standard features of TNTgis. TNT's geospatial scripting language (SML) lets you address such problems by creating your own procedures. SML offers many functions so your custom scripts can range from a simple one-line script to a long, complex process.

navigate.jpgonline function templates

navigate.jpgC-like syntax

navigate.jpginvoke external programs

navigate.jpgdefine functions / procedures

navigate.jpgdisplay window functions

navigate.jpgmessage dialogs

navigate.jpgfunction descriptions / help

navigate.jpgdozens of sample scripts

navigate.jpgnested logical branching

navigate.jpgconsole input / output

navigate.jpgSML display layers

navigate.jpgbuttons / interface elements

View this Getting Started booklet: sml.pdf Writing Scripts with SML (file date: )