Sharing Geodata with Other Popular Products

When you want to use the results of your TNTgis projects in other software on your computer to produce multiple-page reports or a course syllabus, you can share the data without relying on the full TNTgis import and export processes. You may also be looking for easy ways to share data with others who don't have TNTgis software. Use these techniques to share geodata easily in multiple software, hardware, and format environments.

navigate.jpgscreen capture

navigate.jpgTIFF capture

navigate.jpgTIFF into MS Word

navigate.jpgTIFF into TNTgis

navigate.jpgLayouts to Illustrator

navigate.jpg3D simulations to PowerPoint

navigate.jpgdirect database links

navigate.jpgTNTgis and Excel

navigate.jpgODBC connectivity

navigate.jpgdirect ARC/INFO links