Geospatial Scripting

The TNTgis software includes a geospatial scripting language that you can use to customize the creation, interpretation, and presentation of your geospatial data. A script can be anything from a single expression to a long structured program. You can use different types of scripts for a variety of purposes.

navigate.jpgquery geodata attributes

navigate.jpgcomputed database fields 

navigate.jpgstring expression database fields 

navigate.jpgcustomize DataTips 

navigate.jpgcustomize cartographic symbology 

navigate.jpgcreate GeoFormula layers 

navigate.jpgmulti-criteria decision analysis 

navigate.jpgcreate unique geospatial processes 

navigate.jpgautomate processing workflows 

navigate.jpgcreate interactive tools for Views 

navigate.jpgcreate scripts for TNTsim3D 

View this Getting Started booklet: sml.pdf Geospatial Scripting (file date: )