Using Regions

You can easily perform many interactive geospatial analyses by learning how to use regions. A region consists of one or more polygons that you can create interactively in many ways, such as drawing, query, buffer zones, element selection, and point clusters. As soon as you have created a region, it can be used in operations on multiple layers of raster, vector, CAD, and TIN geodata.

navigate.jpgcreate by element selection

navigate.jpgbuffer zone regions

navigate.jpgbasin regions

navigate.jpgviewshed regions

navigate.jpginside / outside selection

navigate.jpgregion manager panel

navigate.jpgcreate by drawing

navigate.jpgpoint cluster regions

navigate.jpghistogram regions

navigate.jpgmouse / query selection

navigate.jpgexclusive / inclusive selection

navigate.jpgnew geoattribute tables

View this Getting Started booklet: regions.pdf Using Regions (file date: )