Building and Using Queries

Learn how to use queries to manipulate your project materials (raster, vector, CAD, TIN, or databases) according to the geoattributes attached to their elements. Queries control which elements in a geodata layer are selected, and how they are displayed, printed in maps, or used in other analytical procedures. Begin with simple one-line expressions and progress towards longer, complex queries that evaluate geoattributes from multiple related tables and objects.

navigate.jpgselect elements to process

navigate.jpgpan by query

navigate.jpglogical operations

navigate.jpgtext / numeric values

navigate.jpgsymbol / function selection

navigate.jpginclude comments / variables

navigate.jpgstyle by script

navigate.jpgquery editor window

navigate.jpgcomputational operations

navigate.jpgtext variables / operators

navigate.jpgtable / field selection

navigate.jpgsave query files