Pin Mapping

You can quickly display the latest values of active databases for visualization and analysis with pinmaps, which are like push-pins on a wall map. TNTgis pinmaps use x-y coordinate fields from database records for pin position, and any other combination of fields for symbol size, color, orientation, and style. Use any number of reference layers for your background maps.

navigate.jpgmultiple background layers

navigate.jpgstandard / custom symbols

navigate.jpgstyle by query

navigate.jpgselect records by query

navigate.jpgview full records

navigate.jpgpiechart / bar-graph pins

navigate.jpgmultiple pinmap layers

navigate.jpgdynamic size / color

navigate.jpgcoordinates by query

navigate.jpglabel by query

navigate.jpgdynamically update

navigate.jpgconvert to vector points

View this Getting Started booklet: pinmap.pdf Pin Mapping  (file date: )