Working with Massive Geodata

The key to working with large data is to get rid of any unnecessary largeness. For raster objects, unnecessary largeness is removed by compression. Whether or not lossy compression is acceptable will depend on the intended use for the data. There are a variety of techniques used to remove unnecessary largeness from vector objects, which include database modifications, filtering, and thinning. With vector objects, this process is generally referred to as "cleanup."

navigate.jpgworking with massive data

navigate.jpggetting the parts

navigate.jpgUSGS high-resolution imagery

navigate.jpgnull value masks

navigate.jpgreally massive rasters

navigate.jpgstandard attributes and topology

navigate.jpgmerge vectors first

navigate.jpgmerging vector objects

navigate.jpgtransferring attributes

navigate.jpgvisibility control by map scale

navigate.jpgthinning vector lines

navigate.jpgchanging to planar topology